How does Yankuba Sima help the Red Storm?

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Basketball, College, St John's

Yankuba Sima illustrates the demographics of the St John’s roster in two distinct ways. First, he is one of the six foreign born players to be suiting up for the Red Storm this season. Second, he is one of the seven freshmen that committed to new coach Chris Mullin and his staff. While Sima will go through a baptism by fire this upcoming season he does provide necessary attributes that can provide a solid foundation for the Red Storms ascension through the ranks in the coming years.

One skill that the lanky 6-11 center from Spain has is an ability to be a scoring threat in the post. For years St. John’s has not had a post player that could be an offensive threat in the paint and now Sima appears to that threat. Whether Sima is finishing off a feed from Federico Mussini or making a left handed baby hook Sima is providing points in the paint which usually dictates a team’s superiority in a contest. Also being able to finish with his offhand Sima could potentially draw the eye of a diligent NBA scout because very few 6-11 forwards can finish a post move with their off hand. Sima could also be able to elevate his game to the level where the opposition has to double him on post touches which will lead to open shots for the Red Storm sharpshooters.

One trait that has been very luminous for the Red Storm the past several seasons has been the ability to block shots. Sima is making his presence felt on the defensive end of the floor by averaging 3.6 blocks a game. First, consistently blocking/altering shots will put a sever damper on the opposition from scoring points. Second, a block shot could act in a similar action as a live ball turnover and lead to run outs and transition points for the Johnnies.

The most enticing element about Sima is he has not yet reached his full potential. As Sima physically matures fewer opponents would be able to stop him offensively and more opponents would be deterred by him on defense. Sima has sporadically shot the 3 ball and is a 50% free throw shooter but if both of these skills improve and develop over time very people could stop a 6-11 forward who can score in the post and from the perimeter.

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