Fordham Rams: College Football Team NYC Needs.

In certain regions of America college football not only rivals the NFL in popularity but it surpasses the NFL in popularity. One market that currently does not have a strong passion for homegrown college football is the New York metropolitan area. Many native New Yorkers have adopted college teams from other geographic areas to root for on Saturdays during the fall while transplant New Yorkers bring their college football allegiance from home. This dynamic can change in New York if the Fordham Rams continue their ascendancy and obtain national glory.

Fordham University in the Bronx is a prestigious academic institution but certain people might not know it is the Alma mater to one of the most iconic sports figures in American history. Vince Lombardi most known for being the fiery coach of the Green Bay Packers graduated from Fordham in 1937 and coached the Rams for two seasons in 1947 as freshman football and basketball coach and 1948 as an assistant football coach. From these humble beginnings Lombardi climbed the ranks and left an immense mark on the sport of football, so much so the prized possession in the NFL dons his last name.

Over time Fordham football has had modest success but during the tenure of head coach Joe Moorhead the profile of the program has been enhanced. Inheriting a team coming off a one win season in 2011 Morehead has guided the Rams to two seasons over ten wins and a Patriot League title in 2014. There have also been back-to-back appearances in the NCAA FCS playoffs with the Rams making it to the 2nd round in both of those appearances.

Compared to other New York City colleges Fordham is by far the most dominant in college football at this present time. The Rams haven risen from the ashes of mediocrity and have surpassed being competitive and now have become dominant. With the recent prosperity of obtaining league success the next step for the program is to become a national powerhouse. If this does occur many casual fans in the largest media market in the country could start wearing the maroon color of the Fordham Rams.