The Bounce Back and the Hope into December

If you read this blog last week you could sense the pain and dejected feeling I portrayed, which coincided with the thoughts of most Jets fans after the loss to the Texans and the continuation of a horrible 1-4 skid. But the New York Jets were able to bounce back at Met Life Stadium with a 38-20 victory over their long time AFC East nemesis the Miami Dolphins in the two franchises 100th meeting against each other.

This game was basically an elimination game for both sides when it comes to the AFC wild card race. The Jets responded with a solid all around game, both offensively and defensively. The 20 points the Dolphins put up is really no indication of how well the Jets defense played, where most of the Dolphins points came in garbage time late in the 4th quarter.

This win, coupled with the Steelers loss in Seattle launched the Jets into a 4-way tie at 6-5 for the last two wild card spots along with the Steelers, Texans and Chiefs. With the tie-breaker scenario, if the season ended today the Jets would be on the outside looking in, but without this win it would have been almost an impossible task. So, with 5 weeks to play in a roller coaster of a season for the New York Jets they possess the one thing every team asks for down the stretch, hope.

The one thing I really take away from this game out of Todd Bowles is that last week after the Houston game, the Jets made sure to let it out to the media, and let the world know that Todd Bowles laced into his team in a tirade in the Houston locker room after the game. A lot of people have suggested that the Jets wanted this to come out because of the way everyone has portrayed Todd Bowles as a stoic and too laid back figure on the sideline. Whatever the reason for the media finding out about the tirade, it does not matter. What matters are results. And one week after the tirade the Jets may have put together their best all around effort of the year. Or it can be an extreme coincidence. Either way there is 5 weeks left, and if the Jets can win four of those games I believe they will be a 10-6 wild card team. Hope is alive, and as Coach Bowles said to the team after the game “we are going to start lining them up one at a time.” One at a time starts next week “on the road” against the New York Giants.

– Rob DiToma