5 Ways to Punish Tom Brady

Tom Brady will be appealing his suspension of four games to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for Brady’s role in Deflategate. There is a common belief that a decision will be reached that will lessen the penalty for Brady in his role in the deflation of the New England Patriots football to below the required 12.5 pounds per square inch (PSI) required by the NFL. Dfends.com has decided to provide assistance to Goodell by providing different methods of punishment to penalize Brady for his role in the incident.

1. Cleaning NFL Stadiums.

Community service is a common legal remedy for minor legal infractions and Tom Brady should have the opportunity to pay his debt to society by community service. The first option is to clean the stadium after every Patriot’s game. This would entail cleaning not only Gillette Stadium eight times but also of his AFC rivals and the mess their fans have left. While Patriot fans would show compassion towards Brady by throwing out their own garbage certain AFC fan bases will ensure Brady has a sticky, filthy, mess to clean up.

2. Pop Warner Coach

Second choice would be to go the Gordon Bombay route and have Brady serve as a Pop-Warner coach in the New England area. To truly make it a punishment Brady would have to have the worst team in the area. This would take time, effort, and scouting but could be done to allow Brady an opportunity to discuss how cheating does not win with the youth of America. The reason for the poor team is Brady needs to understand how losing feels and he already has four Super Bowl rings. An image people do not want to see is Brady hoisting a Pop-Warner football trophy.

3. Dunk Tank

This method of retribution would allow certain fans who loathe Brady to get the opportunity to pay money to get a chance to be responsible for placing Brady in frigid water. To allow a maximum number of fans to have this opportunity they will have to of course go to every NFL city. Proceeds from this event could go to any charity and with the recent off the field incidents in the NFL the selected charity should be an organization focusing on assisting victims of domestic violence and aid in programs to deter domestic abuse.

4. Super Bowl Halftime Performance

At Super Bowl XLIX during Katy Perry’s halftime performance the dancer known only as left shark awkwardly and accidentally danced into America’s heart for fifteen minutes. Like any memorable performance there deserves to be an encore and who better to provide that encore than, you guessed it, Brady. People across the world could join in and watch as Brady attempts to recreate the magic of left shark’s performance.

5. Watching Super Bowl XLII with Michael Strahan

The 2007 New England Patriots almost achieved a previously unattained milestone by going 19-0 and winning Super Bowl XLII. They key word in that last sentence is almost because Eli Manning, David Tyree, and Michael Strahan shocked the football world by defeating Brady and the previously undefeated Patriots. Certain questions that Strahan could ask would focus on Brady’s feelings during pivotal parts of the game. Questions could be how did you feel when Tyree made the catch? How did it feel when Manning threw the fade route to Plaxico Burress for the winning score? And of course how did it feel to be so close to an undefeated season but not win the Super Bowl? For posterity sake there needs to be a video recording of Strahan’s interview with Brady which should be aired nationally at halftime of a selected Thanksgiving NFL game.

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