Dominant Day

The New York Jets came out in Week 14 against an opponent they were “supposed to beat” in the Tennessee Titans. And that is exactly what the Jets did. This has not always been the case in the history of the Jets when facing what has been deemed a lesser opponent. This is a good sign not only for this season, but for the entire mind set of the team under Todd Bowles in his first season as a head coach.

In the first half of the Jets 30-8 victory, all three phases of the game were on point. The offense set the tone with one of the best opening drives you can possibly have. They converted on two 3rd and long situations and capped it off with a touchdown to Eric Decker. The 7-0 early lead put a bad Tennessee team behind the 8 ball early. That is the key to defeating teams that are out of the race, give them no hope early. After the initial drive, the Jets defense dominated the line of scrimmage all day long. Rookie QB Marcus Mariota was on the run for most of the day, resulting in 5 New York Jets sacks. Muhammad Wilkerson, usually known for his fantastic run stopping ability, broke out of that shell and had 3 sacks of his own. The only negative you can take out of the game was a missed field goal by Reggie Bullock on the special teams side of the ball. But one note on Reggie Bullock, he has the ability to drill kickoffs into the end zone for touch-backs way more often than Nick Folk ever could. That is a huge positive when it comes to the possible extra yards in field position you can yield on special teams.

I don’t see much else to take from this game, except for the simple fact of a team in the playoff race taking care of business against a team that is not. With that being said, the Jets have a hard road ahead if they are going to make the playoffs. Even if they win the three remaining games, they will need help from other teams. But that should not be the focus right this second. Right now the focus is Saturday night in Dallas, and one game at a time taking care of your own business.

– Rob DiToma