Giants Week 2 Review


The only thing worse than a nightmare is reliving the nightmare a week later, which unfortunately the New York Giants and their fans did in week 2. Once again the Giants cough up a double-digit 4th quarter lead and took defeat out of the jaws of victory. The turning point was in the 3rd Quarter when Eli Manning and the Gmen appeared to be on the verge of scoring points but with Kroy Biermann’s sack and forced fumble the Falcons turned the tide against the Giants. Matt Ryan led Atlanta down the field to cut the score to 20-17 and the Giants worse fears came true when Devonta Freeman scampered in from 2 yards out that provided a lead the Falcons would not relinquish. While many Giant fans are stating their opinions in an emotionally manner the Giants did have some positives in Week 2 but of course after any defeat there were negatives about their play.


  1. Odell Beckham Jr

The Atlanta Falcons had no answer for Odell Beckham Jr. in the 1st half. OBJ showed his explosiveness when he connected with Manning for a 67 yard touchdown in the 2nd quarter. Having 146 yards receiving OBJ had 50% of the Giants 292 passing yards.

  1. Shane Vereen

With the loss of Ahmad Bradshaw, Manning has not had a tremendous 3rd down pass catching running back. Today Vereen demonstrated that he could be a reliable option for the Giants. With a team high 8 catches Vereen had 76 yards receiving hopefully he could be the additional threat that the Giants need on offense.

  1. Punt Return

In previous years the Giants special team play has lacked significant punch but Dwayne Harris could become a pivotal asset that can help flip field position. With an average of 16.5 yards on 4 punt returns Harris play can help shorten the field for the Gmen’s offense and could hopefully lead to more touchdowns for Manning and company.        


  1. Red Zone offense

Similar to week 1 Manning and the Giants could not score touchdowns in the red zone just scoring one touchdown in four chances and having a costly turnover in the red zone. Just like the week before the inability to score touchdowns from inside the opponents 20 led to another damaging defeat. It is easy to state that if the Giants keep up this futility loses will continue to mount.

  1. Procedure Penalties

While looking at the Giants penalties 6 penalties for a total of 35 yards does not seem vital but the time and place of the penalties damaged the Giants chances.  Out of those 6 penalties, 4 were procedure penalties, and 2 were extremely critical mistakes. The first critical error occurred when Tom Coughlin uncharacteristically went for it on  4th and 2 and the play originally worked until Dwayne Harris was called for a procedure penalty. The first down was converted to a fourth down field goal because of the penalty. The second critical penalty occurred on 3rd and 7 when the Giants could not get the play off before the play clock expired. After all the mistakes the week before this was an unforgiveable error that helped Atlanta obtain the comeback victory

  1. 4th Quarter play

When losing a double-digit lead in the 4th quarter at home, both the offense and defense need to be held accountable. The offense had the ball and a chance to ice the game but at the most crucial time went 3 and out. To compact the inability to close a game, the Giants did have a chance to drive down the field for the game winning touchdown but Eli did not have his magical touch.  While receivers were open Manning could not get them the ball. There was plenty of space between the Giants receivers but neither Eli nor his receivers could connect for a completion.   Big Blue has not been big in the 4th quarter last two weeks. Each time the opposition was able to march down the field for the game winning score. Poor play on both sides of the ball will lead to disastrous defeat and just make it more gut-wrenching when the shoddy play happens in the final quarter.