Giants Week 3 Review

The New York Giants were finally victorious when they defeated Washington 32-21 at MetLife Stadium. The scoring started under unique circumstances when starting running back Rashad Jennings came up huge on special teams and blocked a punt that resulted in a safety. Ironically enough on the previous play Jennings almost blocked a punt but was called for running into the kicker which Washington accepted. This incident would foreshadow what type of night it would be for Washington with Washington making numerous mistakes and the Giants capitalizing on the errors. The next error was when Prince Amukamara jumped a route an intercepted Kirk Cousins pass, this turnover ended up being cashed in for New York when Andre Williams drove in from one yard out to give the Giants a 9-0 lead after the extra point conversion. With the score 18-6 in favor of the Giants they were able to get the touchdown to take command of the game. Eli Manning was able to connect with Odell Beckham Jr. for a 30 yard touchdown strike that gave New York a 25-6 lead. Manning was not done and Ruben Randle capped off his performance by making a juggling 41 yard catch to close out the Giants scoring and cap of New York’s 32-21 victory. While the Giants did get their elusive first win, there are some pros and cons with the Giant’s performance.


1. Ruben Randle:

Many analyst and spectators were wondering when and some even if a 2nd weapon would emerge to help Eli Manning and OBJ. Week 3 the weapon was Ruben Randle who delivered a much needed performance by being targeted 7 times and making 7 receptions for 119 yards and a touchdown.

2. Turnovers:

Similar to week 1 the Giants won the turnover battle with a + 3 by having 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery along with a blocked punt. With those three turnovers the Giants were able to turn them into points by scoring 14 points after Washington’s miscues.

3. Run Defense:

Coming into the game the talking heads were discussing how vaunted Washington’s run game was. These claims were justified because the week before Washington ran for 182 yards against a legit St. Louis Rams defense. Big Blue D was able to contain Washington to a pedestrian 88 yards and no touchdowns. The run defense has been a reoccurring theme for the Giants and if continued could turn many offenses one dimensional in the future.


1. Red Zone Offense

The Giants are able to get the ball inside the opponents twenty but settle for field goals instead of getting touchdowns. The only red zone touchdown was set up by Amukamara’s interception when the Giants took control at Washington’s 14.

2. Rushing Offense

At first glance 84 yards rushing is a decent performance in the NFL today but there is a glaring issue. The 84 yards were on 31 carries which translates to an abysmal 2.7 yards per carry. For the Giants to be a truly balanced offense and make defenses more susceptible to the play-action pass the yards per carry need to increase. Successfully running the ball could also lead to the Giants being more efficient in the red zone and capable of killing clock in the 4th quarter.

3. Washington lost the game more than Giants won the game.

While a double digit win could be an indication of domination for this game it illustrated Washington’s inability to execute. Kirk Cousins was missing wide open receivers during the course of the game. The best example was on a 3rd and long when Cousins under threw his receiver Jordan Reed on a ball defended by Giants rookie Landon Collins. If Collins threw the ball over Reed’s left shoulder instead of under his left shoulder Washington would of scored a touchdown instead of a field goal. The best example of Washington ineptitude was when Matt Jones was heading into the end zone on a 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter and fumbled the ball out of the end zone. Since Jones fumbled out of the end zone it was deemed a touch-back and the Giants started possession at their own 20 yard line. While hindsight does correct errors of the past this Giants win could have been switched to a loss if Washington executed better on these specific plays.

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