Gift Wrapped

The New York Jets entered week 9 of the NFL season at 4-3 and carrying a two game losing streak into their game with the 2-5 Jacksonville Jaguars.  They left the field with a much-needed win, a 5-3 record and the top wild card spot in the AFC.  Sounds like things are looking good for the Jets right?  Not to me.  To me it is starting to look very concerning and I am not sure this team is going to be ready for the second half of the season and everything that brings when you are in a playoff race.

This Jets 28-23 win should have come hand delivered with a bow on it, because it was a gift that was handed to them.  Albeit the Jets did make some plays, including a big sack and fumble recovery that led to an enormous TD catch by Brandon Marshall on the ensuing drive.   That sequence of events late in the fourth quarter should have put this game to bed.  But after the Marshall catch the Jets were up 28-16 with less than four minutes to go.  Three plays later, that’s right three plays and 78 yards later the Jaguars were in the end zone and the game was now at 28-23.   Luckily, the Jets were able to stave off the last drive of the Jaguars, after not being able to run the clock out on their own, including a third down fumble by Chris Ivory at midfield that Brandon Marshall had to recover and basically save the Jets day.  Because from watching that game, there’s nobody in their right mind that could believe the Jets would have made a stop if the Jaguars picked that fumble up.

As I heard Todd Bowles say in the locker room after the game, you don’t give wins back in this league, and now we move on and think about Buffalo, and the return of Rex Ryan in just four short days.  That does not leave a lot of time to fix the one part of this team that was supposed to be their day in and day out, the defense.  The Jets defense has thrown up two poor performances in back to back weeks now.   Not a lot of time to make adjustments, but adjustments that needs to be made none the less.  So here is what I see as the areas of concern that need to be addressed, and if they aren’t dealt with the second half of the season is going to end in very similar fashion to the majority of years past for this franchise, on the outside of the playoffs looking in.


  • Pre snap penalties are back peddling this offense over and over
  • No ability to control the ball through the running game
  • Status of Nick Folk
  • The secondary lack of ability to play the ball in the air
  • Situational awareness on defense and getting beat on look aways and double moves for big plays and touchdowns

Yes there is a ton to work on, but Buffalo and revenge minded Rex Ryan are on their way to Met Life Stadium, in a game that is going to swing this Wild Card race, with 8 weeks left.

_ Rob DiToma