No Show in the Black Hole

Embarrassing, pathetic, awful, there are many amounts of adjectives you can use to describe the New York Jets performance in Oakland this week.  The Jets were blasted in a 34-20 loss in which the final score is no indicator into how one-sided this game was.  I am taking nothing away from the Oakland Raiders, don’t get me wrong.  The Raiders are a solid football team and with back to back dominant performances against the Chargers and now the Jets, they have launched themselves into serious playoff contenders and currently hold the top wild card playoff spot in the AFC.

There really is not much to say about this game.  Ryan Fitzpatrick was injured on the first drive of the game, which led to the 2015 grand arrival of Geno Smith, and he left zero to be desired.  In a situation where a person could regain some respect of his teammates and the fan base, Geno Smith did absolutely nothing except further people’s belief that he is not an NFL quarterback.  Based on yesterday he showed how clueless he is as far as situational football.  From taking sacks in obvious situations where he needed to throw the ball away, to taking hits on the sidelines when you can just step out-of-bounds, to overall just looking like he could not wait for the game to end.  His performance looked exactly like a guy who did nothing all week, and probably all season because he just assumed he would not be on the field.

With all that being said the real deflating and frustrating thing to watch in this game was the absolute no-show by the Jets defense.  If this team is going to be anything they need to depend on their defense.  And yesterday was exactly the opposite of dependable.  They did not cover, they did not tackle, they basically gave no effort from the first defensive snap until the garbage minutes of the fourth quarter,  The Raiders scored on all but 1 drive of the first half, an embarrassing effort or lack there of, is probably the better way to put it.

It was a “snap back to reality” day for Jets fans in what was just an awful weekend for New York sports fans.  It was almost as if they played a close, tough, hard-fought loss at New England, and thought they could just show up and beat anybody the following week.  Guess what?  Not in this league and if they ever want to be a real team they need to bring it each and every week.  It is now time for Todd Bowles to rally the troops and show us what he’s made of.  If not this thing could turn the wrong way, and turn fast.