Odell Beckham Jr.: How to Become an Icon.

After a sensational debut season Odell Beckham Jr. has become a superstar after compiling phenomenal stats along with a compliment of jaw dropping plays. When it comes to stats Beckham Jr. had 91 catches, with 1305 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns. And by the way he missed the first four games of the season. When it comes to spectacular plays just ask the Dallas Cowboys because they witnessed first hands one of the greatest catches in the history of the NFL. As Beckham Jr. goes forward in his career he has already illustrated a skill-set that can potentially allow him to be considered one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL when Beckham Jr. steps off the field for the final time. But as his career progressives there will be challenges and hopefully this advice could help elevate Beckham Jr. to icon status.

Since Beckham Jr. torched opposing defenses his number 13 might as well be a bull’s eye. Defensive coordinators and other coaching staff now have had the entire off-season to game plan to deter Beckham Jr’s success instead of the customary week during the regular season. Also the NFL is a copycat league so if one team can contain number 13 on the Giants every other opponent will follow suit with the same strategy. While this will be a new challenge for Beckham Jr. there are four ways to assist him in becoming a NFL icon.

First, Odell you will need to raise your game. Yes, you have the skills to single handily dominate a game from the wide receiver position which is uncanny and superhuman but you need to get even better. What separated Jerry Rice from all of the other wide receivers of Rice’s era was his work ethic. Rice’s workouts were stories of mythical proportions which enabled Rice to strike fear in opponents’ hearts. This translated in Rice currently owning 35 regular season and post season records in the NFL. Similar to Rice, Beckham Jr. needs to accomplish other feats to be discussed as one of the greatest of all-time.

The second fact entails boosting the performance of a specific player on the field. Wide receivers and quarterbacks are two positions that are intertwined with both benefiting from the others performance. To truly be considered an elite athlete at the highest level you must elevate the skills of those around you. In the case of a wide receiver the quarterback needs to reach and play at the pinnacle of his abilities. Whether it is Eli Manning or another signal caller Beckham Jr. needs to improve the quality of play from the QB. For this to occur there would need to be numerous training sessions between the two. This would involve grunt work whether it is running routes on a May afternoon on a New Jersey field or spending hours dissecting game film together. These two actions will improve both Beckham Jr and the QB’s performance. While most of the effort will occur in spring and summer the results will show up on Sundays in the fall.

The third fact alters from Beckham achieving team goals instead of individual milestones. Being a team game what validates an individual’s amazing performance is the team’s success. Rice won 4 Super Bowls and played a vital role in assisting Joe Montana and Steve Young being enshrined into Canton. To increase Beckham’s legacy he would need to hoist a Lombardi trophy at least once if not on multiple occasions.

The last piece of the icon matrix is how Beckham Jr. handles himself off the field. Athletes are under intense media scrutiny and because of this fact Beckham Jr. will need to carry himself with the utmost class and sophistication. So far he has done wonders in his public appearances and hopefully this continues. Hopefully he utilizes his charisma in a positive manner and makes the correct decisions which allow him to focus on the game he plays instead of legal issues and other potential distractions. Hopefully all four of these come true for Beckham Jr and he is able to become a sports icon that succeeded on the field and models how to act off the field.

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