Same Old Jets

The New York Jets have had to endure and listen to a phrase that has been uttered for years and years. It has sort of become the franchise mantra. Some years the fans are saying it in early October, some years it’s in the final week of the season, some years but only the “special seasons” it’s muttered in January. In 2015 the time is now. This year it comes after a week 11 loss to the Houston Texans. The time has come for the Jets fan base to scream and yell it is the franchise mantra for the last 45 years. And that mantra is the three word phrase we all live by, Same Old Jets.

In a year that started promising after a 4-1 start it looked like it may be different. But after the last five weeks, and a polar opposite 1-4 stretch, it is starting to look like the early turnovers and big plays the defense was making were nothing more than a fluke. It’s starting to look like having Ryan Fitzpatrick as your quarterback is exactly what it was supposed to look like, just average. And sadly and most importantly it is really looking like it is a new coach, new players, new front office but same old Jets.

As for this game the lack of preparation was very alarming. The players to a man after the game repeated over and over how well prepared they were and how they just did not execute. It almost sounded orchestrated. But if that was a prepared Jets team on Sunday then that is a scary proposition. If they were prepared then you would assume that everything they did on that field was part of the game plan. So leaving JJ Watt in one-on-one situations to create havoc was part of the plan? To let TJ Yates have time and pick apart your banged up and apparently weak secondary was part of the plan? To have various short yardage situations and run directly into arguably the best defensive player in the game was the plan? To make zero adjustments and watch a team run wildcat plays downs your throat like its 2006 and some new gimmick was part of the plan? And to watch the Texans be down to their 3rd and 4th cornerback and have not enough creativity on offense to figure a way to get the ball into the so called play-makers hands was part of the plan?

If you can answer those questions with a yes then great job Coach Bowles. Excellent work, you had your team well prepared and all they needed to do was just execute a touch better. Coach, great job using those extra days off after a Thursday night home game to prepare against an opponent who played on the road on Monday Night. It showed on the field, you just needed a little better execution. It’s all hard to listen to and hard to believe. Maybe they can play the Miami game tomorrow? I mean who needs time to prepare? And as the Jets world turns we sit as fans in the spot we have been in mostly every year with this franchise. SAME OLD JETS.

Special thanks to Nick DiToma and Eddie Fucci of the legendary New York Firehouse Grille in Elmsford for their help with this article.

– Rob DiToma