Start of a New Era

As a lifelong fan, follower, and most years sufferer of the New York Jets, I bring to you my takeaways from what I saw in game one, of not only the season, but the regime of new General Manager Mike Maccagnan and new Head Coach Todd Bowles.

As with mostly every team, in every NFL game, win or lose, you come away with things your team did well and things your team needs to do better at. All in all you have to be happy with the Jets result in the day, with a 31-10 win at home against the Cleveland Browns. Granted the Cleveland Browns probably are not going to be one of the upper echelon teams in the NFL this year, but as they say over and over in this league, a win is a win.

On the positive side, it looks like the Jets finally have a big time Wide Receiver in Brandon Marshall. It has been years since they have had someone at that skill position that the other team needs to think about before the game begins. He is the definition of a playmaker. Marshall’s play of stripping the defensive back of the ball, after Fitzpatrick threw the interception, was the game turning play. The running game took over the game when it needed to, and all in all Ryan Fitzpatrick did what was asked of him, control the game and don’t make the mistake that kills the team. (Partially because Marshall saved him)

The major item I want to monitor and discuss with this team this year, as the weeks progress, will be the positive and negative decision making made by rookie Head Coach Todd Bowles. It has always been my belief that you need two things to win in the NFL, a franchise quarterback, and a solid head coach. The first one has eluded the Jets since Joe Namath was traded to the Rams, and they have been in search of that for years. The solid head coach has almost been as equally hard to find for the Franchise. Bill Parcells and Rex Ryan showed flashes of greatness for the franchise, but both lacked the quarterback needed to get over the hump. Todd Bowles has not been blessed with a franchise quarterback yet, but as we examine him as a coach, maybe he could be the solid coach they need moving forward.
As for the Todd Bowles watch here are my takeaways:


1. When the team got the lead, he pounded the ball, ran the play clock down on every single snap down to 1 second.

2. Great post halftime adjustments after learning Johnny Manziel would be the opposing quarterback for the rest of the game.


1. A horrible decision to challenge the Browns catch against Revis

2. Defense did not come out of the gate strong, before injuring Mccown, the Browns were moving the ball at will.

3. A very poor 4th down and 1 play call, to try and stuff the ball to a full back up the middle.

I do understand that some of these things may or may not be directly on Todd Bowles. But in my belief system, the Head Coach gets the wins and gets the losses, so he will be taken the full responsibility of what happens, week to week from me.
All in all 1-0, and on to Monday Night in Indianapolis, where Todd Bowles will be tested against one of the league’s best QB’s. Here’s to hoping that Todd Bowles can someday become SUPERBOWLES.

Rob DiToma