Three Pros/Cons from Giants Week 1.

Giant Week One Review:

The New York Football Giants suffered a crushing 27-26 defeat to the Dallas Cowboys after Tony Romo did his impersonation of Eli Manning by leading the Cowboys down the field for the game winning touchdown. There was some controversy mainly controversy the play call on 3rd down to have the Giants throw instead of run the ball. While Giant fans are experiencing different types of emotions there were some positive and negatives from the week one class of NFC East rivals.


1. Run Defense

Against an offensive line that had 3 Pro-Bowlers last year the Cowboys averaged 3.5 yards per carry. While the Cowboys are now minus DeMarco Murray there was an expectation that the Cowboys offensive line would run the ball down the Giants throat but that did not occur.

2. Containing Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is arguably the most physically gifted wide-receivers in the NFL which can be demonstrated by how high he went in every fantasy draft in America. Against a Big Blue secondary that has been seriously decimated by injuries it would have been tempting to predict a big game for the best wide receiver in the game. While Bryant had 5 catches he only gained 48 yards and his longest reception went for 7 yards while also staying out of the end zone

3. The Turnover Battle

One of the most emphasized statistics in football is the plus/minus number. Last night the G-Men were plus three by having two interceptions and a forced fumble. These turnovers benefitted Big Blue to the tune of 17 points. It could also be considered a positive that Eli Manning, who has had issues with turnovers, did not throw an interception and no one else coughed up the ball for the Giants either.


1. The Pass Rush

While the run defensive did do a commendable job Tony Romo never felt pressure from the Giants front seven. Romo was rarely forced to scramble last night and was able to make 80% of his passes. As the season progresses fans will be able to determine if the Cowboys line is that strong or Giants pass rush is that weak.

2. No Deep Game

Eli Manning had a modest performance going 20-36 for 193 yards and like his brother Peyton no touchdowns. The big issue is that the Giants did not go vertical against the Cowboys. While Eli only got sacked once the longest pass play for the Giants was 19 yards. For the Giants offense to reach their full potential they need to take shots down the field to stretch the defense.

3. Inability to Finish Drives.

Being able to move and take care of the ball was not an issue in Week One for Big Blue but finishing the drive (yes, including the 3rd and goal) helped belittle the Giants in the end. On four red zone possessions the G-Men only scored one touchdown and three field goals. The only touchdown was set up by an interception that set the Giants up at the one yard line.