Why People Hate Tom Brady

Why People Hate Tom Brady

America usually favors the underdog, the one who was able to rise from obscurity to achieve amazing feats. Tom Brady had two characteristics of an underdog early in his career. First, he was a sixth round draft pick in 2000, to place it in perspective there were 198 people drafted before Brady in 2000. Second, he came off the bench to replace the well establish 3 time Pro-Bowler Drew Bledsoe. In hindsight Bledsoe’s injury has been a blessing in disguise because Brady was able to lead the Patriots to 4 Super Bowl wins since his Wally Pipp-Lou Gehrig impersonation. But as time went on there was a strong resentment and even hatred towards Brady and there are four reasons that explain why Brady is loathed by those outside of New England.

1. Success

As previously mentioned Tom Brady and the Patriots have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy four times since he has become the New England signal caller. Just like any successful and winning franchise or team people start rooting for your demise. With every win the frustration mounts from opposing fans and the venom grows stronger. Instead of rooting for their team to beat Brady fans will root for any team to beat Brady and the Pats.

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2. Gisele Bundchen

On top of coming to your hometown and defeating your favorite football team Brady goes home to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. To best understand the Brazilian beauty feel free to go to google images and search for Gisele Bundchen. You will see images of a woman who packs sophistication, class, and sex appeal in a 5-11 frame. Since Brady has taken this woman off the market he has become the target of distain for ruining the fantasy of millions of red blooded males all across the world.

3. Bill Belichick.

The closet the NFL has to an evil genius is Bill Belichick and if it is him resigning from the Jets the day after taking the job, Spygate, or Deflategate, many have questioned the character and integrity of Belichick. The combination of winning and controversy has many casual fans questioning if Belichick’s wins are legitimate. Being the only coach Brady had in the NFL they will forever be linked together making Brady guilty by association. Being the main benefactor of Belichick’s perceived infractions places a dark imprint on Brady’s perceived golden boy image. It also raises another question of if and how much does Brady know about Belichick’s alleged evil doing.

4. Arrogance

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLII Plaxico Buress made the bold prediction of his New York Giants would defeat Brady’s Patriots 23-17. While Buress’s comments were far from humble Brady’s response to the comment can be perceived as smug and arrogant by laughing off the bold statement.

Brady’s response can also be implied that the high powered New England offense would be no match for the G-Men. Both Burress’s and Brady’s predictions were incorrect because in one of the biggest upsets in sports history the New York Giants obliterated the Patriot’s perfect season by winning Super Bowl XLII 17-14.

While the other three factors for hating Brady are either from jealousy or association this character trait is in Brady’s control. While other athletes such as Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter have similar success on the field they are respected and even sometimes beloved by their rivals. The main reason is neither Manning nor Jeter are perceived as arrogant but if you were in Brady’s situation would you rather be loved and adored by millions or have the spoils of victory?

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