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The New York Jets season ended in western New York, following a 22-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. For a team that showed a lot of toughness over the past five weeks and the ability to overcome a lot of negativity late in games, the magic ran out. The last three Jets offensive possessions ended in interceptions by Ryan Fitzpatrick. None was more costly then the first one. With the Jets finally moving the ball on consecutive possessions, they trailed 19-17. On a second down at the Bills 15 yard line, Fitzpatrick fired a ball to a well covered Eric Decker. The ball was intercepted and the drive ended, and along with it ended the last best chance the Jets had to yank one last game out of the fire.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the not the only guy to point the finger at in this season ending loss. There is plenty of blame to go around. The defense could not get off the field for the majority of the game. Darelle Revis could not cover Watkins. The play calling on both sides of the ball left a lot to be desired. Dropped passes, missed field goals, missed tackles and on and on it goes. All in all the team with nothing to play for showed up ready to fight and the Jets magic ran out.

As hard is it is to swallow as a fan of this franchise, the Jets made a lot of strides in 2015-2016. They were coming off a 4-12 season and were a franchise in turmoil. They won ten football games this year, under a new General Manager, Head Coach and quarterback. Not the easiest of tasks. But in the end it just was not enough to qualify for the AFC playoffs as they lose the six seed tiebreaker to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Todd Bowles, in my opinion, along with the rest of his team chose the wrong game to not be ready for the moment. For the first time in a while they looked like the game was too big for them. Hopefully it is a stepping stone in the right direction. But as Bill Parcells, Bowles famous mentor said, “you never know what another year will bring, it’s another off-season, another draft, another mini-camp, another training camp, another preseason, and 15 more games just to get back to this day.”

We will see where it goes from here. It was my pleasure to report on a very fun Jets season and I hope it was entertaining to read.

– Rob DiToma

The New York Jets continued the magical ride of the last five weeks and found a way to beat the New England Patriots at home, in overtime by a final score of 26-20. Yes, this was a depleted Patriots team, that trailed the Jets by 7 late. And to his credit as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, somehow someway Tom Brady figured out a way to get down the field and tie the game late and force the Jets into a 20-20 overtime deadlock.

The coin toss to start overtime is where the game took its most interesting turn. In a miscommunication with the official, the Patriots won the toss but elected to kick off. After the game, Bill Belichick defended the move and claimed it was what the Patriots wanted to do, but it looks like this was just to defend his player from the scrutiny. The end result is the Jets taking the ball first and going the length of the field for the touchdown to Eric Decker to win the game. And the games that this franchise has found ways to lose forever continue to go their way.

But any real Jet fan was spending their Sunday watching three games at once. The Jets game, the Chiefs game and the Steelers game. A dramatic win against the Patriots was not going to be enough. As the Browns mounted a late rally, and the Ravens desperately tried to cling to a 3 point lead, the Jets were driving in overtime. And it was Johnny Football and the Browns running out of clock, but it was the Ravens defense, believe it or not, stopping the red-hot Steelers offense on a fourth and 15. And the Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17 in stunning fashion in Baltimore.

And when Eric Decker caught the ball every Jets coach, player and fan knew. They knew that with a little bit of help and five straight weeks of fighting they had set up everything you can ask for in sports. They had set up what every Jet fan was trying to figure out how to make possible five weeks ago. They had set up a date with their former head coach who now is the mortal enemy and the only thing standing in their way. They had set up the three best words you can say as a team. They had set up, Win And In.

– Rob DiToma